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Alexander Ochs

Director of Climate and Energy, Worldwatch Institute
“When I talk to governments about climate change solutions, they always ask, ‘How can I attract mainstream capital?’  Jigar’s new book answers the question.”

Chase Weir

Chief Executive Officer of Distributed Sun, LLC

“Jigar is the fuel that moves our world round, cleanly, transporting us and our hopes to a better place where big ideas are boldly stated.  Where Big Oil becomes Big Sun.  His is the stuff that powers us forward . . . to a smarter, richer future with a thesis that would have us find the next ‘industrial revolution’…today, and with bigger impact.  No inverter required.  This work is electrifying, direct, and current.”

Ann Goodman, Ph.D.

Co-founder of the Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future

“Jigar Shah is a force of nature! Here he recounts his unique journey–as entrepreneur, investor and nature’s defender. His outlook: a fast–changing world where enterprise places greater value on our climate and society.  A timely book from a thinker and doer, both!”

Gail Schwartz

Colorado State Senator

“Colorado’s Energy Revolution was successful due to a critical combination of energy policy plus the project finance solutions like Jigar describes in his book. This is important reading for policy makers looking to copy Colorado’s success.”

Kumar Barve

Majority Leader, Maryland House of Delegates

“Ask any economist or scientist what it would take to make renewable energy a reality and they will say the same thing, ‘we need a technological breakthrough’.  Wrong!  Jigar Shah has demonstrated that innovative thinking and good business strategy are just as important.  In Maryland, we’re following Jigar’s lead and forging a new ‘profitable-green’ economy.  Jigar Shah isn’t waiting, and neither are we!”

Nick Hay

Director, Cleantech, Edelman UK
“Jigar has been at the forefront of moving solar beyond its pigeon hole as a ‘responsible investment’, and proving it as an ‘impact investment’; which provides clear paybacks. Now he explains how lessons from the $100bn solar services industry can be brought to unlock ‘climate wealth’ from other alternative energy solutions.”

Aneesh Chopra

First Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the United States
“Government has a responsibility for basic R&D, but Jigar reminds us that the Government must also play a pivotal role on accelerating the rollout of energy solutions through a more open and collaborative approach, including as an early adopter within government facilities.”

Gil Phillip Friend

CEO, Natural Logic Inc

“Jigar Shah lays out a clear, compelling roadmap…for generating trillions of dollars of ‘climate wealth’—by investing in exactly what the world, its people and its ecosystems read need. He’s done it before, creating the multi-billion dollar solar services industries. So he knows it can be done. He’s betting that there are many more like him ready to do it again.”

Arvind Subramanian

Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics

“We need more innovation to solving climate change, but Jigar reminds us that we could stave off the worst impacts if we could find new models for global deployment of existing technologies.”

Kerry Breitbart

CEO, North American Power

“The fact that a multi-billion solar industry has been built by deploying thousands of small systems is a testament to the power of a strong, educated network of people.  Jigar describes how he inspired the movement to build the solar network and how valuable networks will be key to meeting the $10 Trillion challenge.”

Sir Richard Branson

Founder, Virgin Group

“Everything Jigar has done proves that profits in energy aren’t just made in dirty fuels. Thanks to entrepreneurs like Jigar, climate change solutions are attracting investors, greener jobs are being created, and industries are saving big money on energy costs.”

Strive Masiyiwa

Founder, Econet Wireless/ Board Rockefeller Foundation

“…this book provides essential insight to how mainstream capital can flow into climate friendlier ways to meet modern electricity needs while making compelling financial returns.”

Carl Pope

CEO, Sierra Club

“Shah shows that a new massive wealth opportunity is at our fingertips linking sustainability and economic development.”

Clean energy solutions represent the largest wealth creation opportunities on the planet.
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